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Tapestry framing

Tapestry, cross stitch, embroidery, samplers and silks …

After all your hard work you will  want to show off your work. We will protect and preserve your work using conservation level picture framing to display your work at it’s very best.

Bespoke Frames | hand finished

Need a picture frame to fit a particular size, match an existing frame, or update a worn out frame, bespoke picture framing is our speciality.

Tapestry & Needle point framing

All work is done to conservation standards.

We stretch over acid free board and pin or lace your work before framing (squaring).

UV protection or Art Glass clear glazing options.

Take a look at our tapestry gallery to look at some of the tapestry works and needle point we have framed.

Tapestry Framing

Glass  | replacement glass service

We can replace old picture frame glass for all personal visitors to our studio. We stock a wide range of glass from float to conservation.


A tapestry can be framed in the conventional way, within a frame, or if preferred, it can be stretched over a canvas board or sub frame and displayed without a picture frame, in the same way you would display a canvas print.      

We can also float a tapestry in a box style frame, and whilst it is personal choice how to display a tapestry, it more often than not depends on the material itself, the strength, quality and size of the material.

Needle point, Cross stitch, Embroidery, Samplers & Silks

All are framed in the conventional way, within a frame and glazed, or if preferred, in a box frame with or without a picture mount.

To ensure the needlework does not touch the glass a double frame, spacer of mount is used to create separation. We have over 500 frame mouldings and slips for you to choose from and over 400 colours of  conservation grade mount board.  Mounts can be cut to any size and you can include double and triple mounts and add picture mount decoration such as a V groove or line wash. We have a wide range on display in the studio and you can see examples of frame decoration and picture mount styles on our dedicated picture mount page.

Glass or no glass

For a tapestry this really is personal choice. You can frame a tapestry with or without glass but needle point, embroidery, cross stitch, samplers and silks should all be framed under glass, preferably conservation standard glass. We have different examples in the studio for you to look at.

Call into the studio today to discus your idea’s and see how we can help you.