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Float Glass

The majority of pictures are glazed with float glass.

2mm Float Glass

4mm Float Glass

6mm Float Glass

Water White Float

Diffused Non reflective

Picture framing glass

Picture framing glass

Quite simply the clearer the glass the better…. We even use glass you can’t see!

Choosing the right glass will help enhance the appearance of your artwork, conserve priceless memories and protect valuable art.

Call in to the studio and see examples of the wide range of glazing options available.

Need some inspiration?

View some of our frame mouldings visit our gallery or scroll down the page to look at some frame & mount designs.

Looking for something different?

Take a look at our glass free frames and contemporary display styles in our wall art section.

Ready made frames

Sometimes a simple ready made frame fits the bill. We stock a large range of wooden, aluminium and decorative swept frames in the studio and they can be seen here.

Conservation Picture Glass


For maximum protection against harmful UV light.


Conservation Diffused

Acrylic Optium

Museum Grade

Need replacement glass for your art ? …

We stock a wide range of picture framing glass and where possible we will cut and replace while you wait . See below for the range of glazing option available.

Football Shirts | hand framed

If you need a football or sports shirt framed … yes we can do that too…. Offering a choice of thee styles to suit every ones budget.  


Speciality picture framing glass.

Reflection Control

Clarity View

Laminated Safety

Static Shield

Picture Framing Glass Picture Framing Glass

Digital Files | no problem

If you have a digital file, simply email it to us, we will arrange for it to be printed, before framing and delivering back to you.

Glazing … which option is best?

We can help you decide and show you how your art will look under the different options of picture frame glass available, but ultimately it is down to personal choice.

We would recommend you come into our picture framing studio and look at the examples on display. We challenge you to find our picture with the “invisible” glass.