Cutting Corners Art

& Picture Framing Studio

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Open:  Mon - Friday    9:00 - 5:00 pm

Outside hours by arrangement

We normally frame military  and sporting medals in deep box frames and items can be displayed with or without a front mount. Pictures can be set into the mount and double or triple mounts used.

All of our medal framing is done in such a way that at any time in the future you could take the medals out of the frame and wear or use them again. We use professional conservation methods designed to preserve the integrity and appearance of your treasured and valuable medals.

We have framed service medals, regimental memorabilia, first and second war medals, marathon medals and race number and many many more items, and memorabilia. Examples are also on display in the studio.

We also frame balls, golf flags, hole in in one cards, basically all types of sporting memorabilia.