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Simple design from £95

Shaped shirt display

Single mount in one colour

Wood black or white frame

Standard size 600 x 600

Shirt display area 430 x 430

Glazed with float glass

Football Shirts

Take a look at our gallery

Not sure which option is best? take a look at our football shirt framing gallery and see some of our work or call in to the studio to discuss the options available.

Sporting memorabilia

Looking to frame your sporting memorabilia take a look at our objects & memorabilia pages.

Mount Designs

Take a look at our picture mounts page to see what additional designs, shapes and lettering can be incorporated in your football shirt frames.

Bespoke picture framing

Hand made picture frames built to your own specification using professional techniques and hand crafted skills.

Professional picture framing will not only help enhance the appearance of your sports top but it will also conserve and protect your priceless memorabilia.

fotball shirt framing


Big impact £120

3D shirt display

Double mount in two colours

Black, white, brown frame

Larger frame size 600 x 700

Shirt display area 430 x 530 Glazed with UV glass

Framing football shirts and sports clothing …

We offer three ways to frame your football and sports shirts. From a lovely display frame to a fully customised service … if you are unsure, just ask, and if we can do it, we will…..

Framing for charity or fund raising | add our football shirt gift vouchers

Looking to frame a football shirt for a charity auction? .. Rather than frame the shirt, why not auction the football shirt together with a gift voucher from us for framing. We offer you a discount on the purchase of the gift voucher in return for publicity at the event, you increase your margins, the successful bidder can choose there own frame and style of framing. Call Lee 01383 728 956 for more details on our charity gift vouchers.    


Fully customised from £150

Full shirt floated in the frame

Any frame size

Option to include pictures

Choice of mount designs

Choice of frames

Choice of glazing

Picture Framing Glass

Glazing … which option is best?

Quite simply the clearer the glass the better…. We even use glass you can’t see!

Choosing the right glass will help enhance the appearance of your artwork, conserve priceless memories and protect valuable signed football tops and sports clothing.

Call in to the studio and see examples of the wide range of glazing options available.

Football Shirt Framing Options Explained

We use professional conservation methods designed to preserve the integrity and appearance of your treasured tops and sporting memorabilia.  We use these methods for each of the three options, the difference in how the shirt is displayed in the frame, the shirt display size, the number of mounts, apertures for pictures, match tickets and programmes and the quality of the wood and glazing.

We will never use tape to hold down your football shirt, or staple it in place, and cannot think of anything worse than sandwiching your top between a board and a sheet of glass or cheap styrene. Think twice if anybody suggests doing this to your top, they are not a quality picture framer and framing your football shirt in this way will devalue and ruin your precious memorabilia.  All of our football shirts and sporting memorabilia are framed in such a way that the framing will not effect the value, it will preserve the integrity of the item, and at any time in the future you could, quite simply, take it out of the frame and wear it again.

And finally, all of our frames are glazed, we do not frame with the cheap plastic styrene alternative often found on internet sites, not only does it scratch easily, it will turn yellow and need replacing in a short time. If you are concerned about the weight of the frame, or risk of the glass breaking, we will happily discuss the benefits of using safety glass or art grade cast acrylic.  

National Football Shirt Framing

Our method of framing football shirts flush to the mount. Ideal for the back of shirts and smaller tops or tops than only need a limited display area. Frames are available in a choice of black, white or brown wood. A single mount in a colour of your choice is cut into a typical football top shape. The frame is glazed and finished with 2 mm float glass.

Championship Football Shirt Framing

Our most popular choice for framing any signed football shirt. The championship style offers a larger display area for your football shirt, and our method of framing gives your shirt a 3D effect. In addition to black, white and brown wood styles available with our National football shirt framing a gold or silver frame can be used. Three mounts are used in any combination of colours of your choice and are cut in a traditional rectangular style. Frames are typically glazed with UV conservation glass but many people choose to upgrade to our water white “invisible glass”.

Premier Customised Football Shirt Framing

The ultimate flexibility to display your football shirt with the very best materials, frames and design of your choice. Choose any frame, any number of mounts, including our luxury velvet range, and display your shirt in 3D, and/ or free floating, all with additional pictures, match tickets, programmes and in any mount shape. Frames in our premier option are normally glazed using our UV conservation water white glass for that added wow factor.

Call into the studio today to discus your idea’s and see how we can help with your football shirt framing and visit our football shirt framing gallery to see some of the shirts, tops and memorabilia we have framed.

Football shirt framing