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Pictures & artwork

Limited edition prints, oils, water colours and photographs …

We will protect and preserve your pictures and artwork using conservation level picture framing so you can display your artwork at it’s very best.

Tapestry Frames | cross stitch

Need to frame a tapestry, or looking to frame some memorabilia? We offer a tapestry framing and memorabilia framing service.

Pictures & Artwork

Totally bespoke picture framing to conservation standards.

Frame, mount, float and shadow box options.

Float, UV protection or clear Art glass.

Take a look at our picture gallery to look at some of the work we have framed.

Picture Framing

Picture Mounts  | Bulk Buy

We can supply picture mounts in any size, incorporating mount designs, shapes and lettering from one off orders to bulk purchses.

Picture Framing Artwork

Our aim is to help you present your art in a frame, mount and glass combination that enhances the presentation and creates that wow factor.

Using tried and tested techniques a good frame design is created when all the components enhance and complement the subject matter and pull the attention from the frame to the picture itself.

We have over 500 frame mouldings, fillets and slips on display and 100 colours and shades of mount board to frame and enhance your artwork.

A picture mount can create a strong classic outline around the art. A frame slip provides depth from subject to glazing. Fillets can provide a frame within a frame.

Dyes can change with time and exposure to sunlight, which is why we offer a wide range of conservation and specialist glass to help preserve and protect your images.

Whether you have an oil painting, acrylic, water colour, pastel, limited edition or snap taken with your phone, there are no steadfast rules to picture framing, but following some simple guidelines, and avoiding the common mistakes, will allow you make the most of your artwork.

We deal with everyone, from someone looking to frame a special picture, the art enthusiast, the artist, through to collectors, museums and professional art buyers.

Call into the studio today to discus your ideas and see how we can help you.